Adam Holwerda,
Web Application Developer

I'm Adam, a developer with a passion for figuring out systems and interfaces. I build mission critical software for clients and employers, and for myself I write code that scratches some intuitive itch, that helps me with other endeavors I'm passionate about, like writing and making art.

I've worked as a copywriter, print designer, user experience designer and web developer in publishing and corporate tech environments.

Working in the front-end and full-stack spaces during the last decade, I've seen and participatet its ups and downs, its many adoptions of this paradigm or that trend. A challenge of this era has been that a chosen stack for any given project will most likely be obsolete by the time the project is completed. However, the continual selection and rejection of build tools and libraries by open source and corporate development communities will eventually formalize and standardize the code developers write. This changing atmosphere has also trained developers to continually update and keep current our code through every paradigm, giving web developers more experience adapting to rapidly changing systems.

I know how to build software from idea to early iterations, through launch and user adoption and on to maintenance. I'm interested in learning how to have that same grasp for building software on a team.

In the future? I'm excited about the possibilities things like VR will have for web applications, and for the storytelling space. The possibilities of new media hasn't reached its infancy yet, and I'm curious to watch how the virtual, augmented and mixed reality markets unfold. Previsualization and post-production will merge, as tools to manipulate virtual objects and environments are developed and iterated on, and I'm interested in seeing what happens and maybe being a part of it.

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