Friday, November 17, 2006

Why Did I Stop Writing Poems?

I used to write poetry.

I stopped. Figured I was bad or something, I don't know why. I just looked at a bunch from a long time ago...THEY'RE AMAZING!

Seriously though. Here's a few. These are from 2004.

Olfactory Armada

A certain cantankerous odor
With voracity and content
Has found me before in
Not quite the same circumstance
But close enough, yes
For government functionality
I was bathing in the parlor
I was washing with a lufa
And all of those layers of
Skin formed a film
On the water
And the herbal spices
In my shampoo
Formed an army
Assaulting my olfactory
Unit of chamomile soldiers
With guns of honey and rye
Just decided to camp out
In one nostril
And call for their vitamin
E reinforcements
And with one swift motion
I drowned them all swirling
Dunking my head under
And whistling air out of
My nose


A child is origami
Waiting to be folded
To be shaped
Into what she will become
This origami has no
Directions or hints
On how it’s done right
You’ve just got to
Close your eyes and
Improvise, hoping always
That you’ve folded her
The way she would have
Had she been you

Find Your Process

Find your process, it's quite easy
But may take a bit getting used to
Take, for instance, my method
I sit at a chair that is comfy
I close my two nearsighted eyes
My fingers draw pictures
Of love and desire of hatred
And Fire and it is all well
Then I restate my point
Fourteen different ways
With simile and metaphor like
Chewy macaroni and uncooked
Spaghetti well not quite but
You know what I mean
And If I'm lucky a new idea
Will arrive and whisper its
Opportunity in my ear
And if it's lucky my hands
Will paint it onto the page
With all the love of a new
Mother and father; new parents
For my left and my right hand
Are so.


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