Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm a Little Strange But That's Ok

Hey Dad, guess what.

Remember that game we went to? Tigers vs. Jays, 4-6 final? Remember how I said I was going to download it because Craig Monroe hit a foul ball into the seat I would have been sitting at until you told me to move and I was pretty sure we were close enough to be on TV?

Well, I downloaded it.

Yeah. And we're in it. I'm staring in disbelief at the spot where the ball lands, then I raise my arms (I remember, I yelled "I'm on TV!") then I shove you backwards. All the while fans three rows back chase the beer-logged ball under the seats.

It would have been mine.

Instead, that loud Hawaiian shirt man who may or may not have been smoking marijuana caught it in his beer. On accident.

Anyway, I was right. I was on TV.


Anonymous said...

ur gonna have to show me that video. Thatd be pretty sweet to see.

11:29 AM  

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