Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The "Groundhog Day" Loop Scenario

Daybreak is my new favorite show. Think "Groundhog Day," but with guns and framings and such.

Is this Science Fiction?

Example: Hero wakes up, goes through a day. Things happen, life sucks, etc. He goes to sleep. Hero wakes up again. It's the same day. He does things a little different, completely aware that everything is happening again. He goes to sleep again. He wakes up and it's the same day. AGAIN. Now, generally on the third day, Hero decides he wants to change certain things that happened on that day, for the benefit of himself or others. Hero keeps waking up on the same day. So, eventually, Hero decides that he's not doing something right, since he's not able to do what he needs to - live to the next day. Eventually, Hero does things X,Y,and Z to make it so that he has "correctly completed" the day. And then Hero receives reward: he wakes up the next day.

Now, here's my question. Does this qualify as SciFi? My answer: Not unless throughout the course of the story, the phenomenon is shown to have scientific causes, and those causes are believable.

Then what is it? Fantasy? Mmm...maybe. But is there magic involved? Not necessarily. Not unless it's said. Otherwise it's just another unknown. Might me magic, sure. Might be science. Sure.

I tell you what. It's never explained. No one even tries.

Because it's cooler when it just is. When it just happens. When you just wake up and know that it's the same day, and that you can change what happens. You don't want to know why. You just want to be involved in it.

Who cares what the category is? Technically it's not SciFi, but that's where I put it. It doesn't happen in the real world, that's for sure.

Oh, and watch Daybreak. It's awesome.


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