Clayton's Secret Notebook - chapbook

This book is largely the work of three months – those being the last three I spent at Michigan State University earning my Bachelor of Arts in English. Think of it as my dissertation. A collection of small works meant to amuse, surprise, disturb, enrich and explode your head.

stories in "Clayton's Secret Notebook"

  • Clayton's Secret Notebook
    Clayton's Secret Notebook 12:21
  • Eleven Minutes
    Eleven Minutes 7:11
  • The Exploding Heads of Mesmerson County
    The Exploding Heads of Mesmerson County 9:26
  • Heartache
    Heartache 9:29
  • Hole Sale
    Hole Sale 8:08
  • Jesse
    Jesse 7:50
  • Machine
    Machine 6:46
  • Magic
    Magic 2:12
  • Nutella
    Nutella 6:03
  • Somebody
    Somebody 2:45

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